Letter To The Editor: Why I’m Voting for David Allard for State Senate

My name is Brigid Behan, and I want to tell you why I’m voting for David Allard for State Senate.

I first met Dave when he was my Spanish teacher. Mr. Allard was a tough teacher—he pushed me to do my best in class, but also encouraged me to find my passions outside of the classroom and to follow them. At the end of high school, Mr. Allard ended up being my favorite teacher.

One thing I’ve found is that for too many people, including too many of my friends who grew up with me in Newport, the good, year-round jobs are harder and harder to find in Newport. They have to move away for work, or can’t start on their career paths.

So when Dave told me that he was running for State Senate and asked for my support, I had one question: “Is your campaign going to be about jobs?” Dave told me that bringing and keeping jobs in Newport was one of the central themes of his campaign. Just like Dave did when he was my teacher, he set out clear goals – attract new businesses, promote the jobs in the North End, and find ways for people to live and work in Jamestown and Newport.

I have since he was my teacher in high school, and so I know when he sets his mind to something, he does it. I’m voting for Dave for State Senate on July 18th, and I want to encourage you to do the same. Go to the website, email him, call him, or look forward to meeting him as he is out walking the streets and knocking on doors in the neighborhoods—chances are you’ll see me there too!

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